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This beautiful Self-Care Journal, for girls aged 9-16, is designed to enrich their wellbeing, focusing on self-esteem, self-care, positive mindsets, emotional and physical wellbeing, and overall happiness. It includes a weekly healthy habits planner and daily journal pages, offering a structured and guided approach to personal reflection and growth over nine weeks.


Each week dives into a brief teaching on essential wellbeing and resilience topics, emphasising the significance of self-care.


Please note this is a downloadable product that is fully editable digitally (instructions included) or can be printed.


Here's a glimpse of what the journal encompasses:


Weekly Insights:

Empowering teachings on self-care, resilience, and overall wellbeing to inspire and uplift, nurture and strengthen wellbeing tools for a healthy mindset.


Weekly Overview:

A dedicated space for reflection on the upcoming week, setting intentions, and planning personalised self-care activities to create healthy habits.


Daily Journal Check-Ins:

Each week includes daily check-in pages, fostering gratitude, and nurturing a positive mindset to strengthen a healthy default inner narrative.


Ways to Use This Journal:


Ideas for Girls With Their Own Device:

Personal Digital Journaling:

Encourage older girls to download the journal to their personal devices and complete it digitally. Once saved they simply open it and type in their answers. This provides a private and easily accessible space for self-reflection.


Ideas for Girls With Family Devices:

Family Digital Hub: Download the journal to a family device and make it a part of a shared digital hub. Engage in discussions and reflections about the teachings, and plan weekly self-care together.


Printed Weekly Ritual: Print out the journal pages and give them to your daughters each week. Establish a ritual, such as a weekend family meeting, to go over the teachings and help them fill out the journal.


Creative Folder or Journal Binder: Provide each girl with a designated folder or binder to compile their printed journal pages. Encourage them to personalize and decorate it, making the process more engaging.


If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to contact us at


Terms of Use:

This purchase is strictly for personal use and not for commercial purposes. You may print the files but may not resell or reproduce the contents in any way. While you are welcome to share the files within your family unit, please respect the time and work that has gone into developing this product and encourage those outside your family to purchase their copy. Please email for further information.

Self Care Journal For Girls

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