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Introducing our Anxiety Truth Cards - your pocket-sized guide to managing anxious thinking. This downloadable pack of 30 cards is designed to be your ally in the journey towards a stronger, more resilient inner self. Delivered in a convenient PDF format, these cards are ready to be printed on sturdy card stock, providing you with tangible tools to confront and conquer anxiety.

Key Features:

  • Digital Download Convenience: Instantly access the Anxiety Truth Cards in PDF format upon purchase. No waiting – begin your journey to inner strength immediately.
  • 30 Thoughtful Cards: Each pack contains 30 uniquely crafted cards, each with a powerful truth aimed at helping you or your loved ones navigate anxious thoughts with grace.
  • Printable on Card Stock: We recommend printing these cards on quality card stock to ensure durability and longevity. A physical, tangible reminder of your commitment to managing anxiety.
  • Simple DIY Preparation: Easily cut out individual cards for quick and effortless integration into your daily routine.


How to Use:


For Parents:

Place a new Anxiety Truth Card on your young person's mirror, pillow, desk, or pencil case every few days. These gentle reminders serve as a tool to help them manage anxious thinking and reinforce their inner voice in handling these thoughts with resilience and strength.


For Individuals and Young People:

Find a prominent place in your daily life to display these cards. Whether it's on your desk, bedroom wall, or mirror – the goal is to make these truths a regular part of your routine. Please read them, absorb them, and speak them out loud. The more you engage with these affirmations, the more quickly they become ingrained in your mind, making them easier to remember in moments of anxiety.


Download, print, and empower yourself today!


Customer Support:

Have questions or facing challenges with the download or printing process? Reach out to us at 

Anxiety Truth Cards - A Practical Tool To Manage Anxious Thinking

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