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Introducing our Self Esteem Affirmation Cards – a downloadable collection designed to nurture self-esteem and positive self-talk effortlessly. With 24 unique cards, each containing a powerful affirmation, this pack is a valuable resource for recognising individual potential and inner strength. Tailored for parents, young people, and individuals alike, these cards are an easy-to-use tool for cultivating self-esteem and enhancing overall well-being.


Key Features:

  • 24 Unique Affirmations: Each card holds a distinct affirmation statement, fostering a positive inner narrative and boosting self-esteem.
  • Simple and Effective: Tailored for parents, young people, and individuals, these cards provide a straightforward method to instil positive values and strengthen inner voices.
  • Positive Default Narrative: Consistent use of affirmations establishes a positive default inner narrative, contributing to increased self-confidence over time.
  • Resilience in Challenging Moments: Building a foundation of positivity through regular use of these cards enhances resilience, empowering individuals to face challenges with confidence.


How to Use:


For Parents:

Place a new Affirmation Card on your young one's mirror, pillow, desk, or pencil case every few days. These cards act as gentle reminders, encouraging them to value themselves and fortify their inner voice with positivity amidst life's challenges.


For Individuals:

Position the cards in a place you frequent daily. Read, absorb, and speak the affirmations regularly. The more you invest in your self-worth, the more resilient you become in navigating challenging situations.


Customer Support:

Encountering issues or have questions? Reach out to us at 


Download these Affirmation Cards today, print them onto quality card stock, and begin strengthening your or your young person's self-esteem daily because a positive inner narrative leads to resilience in the face of life's challenges. 

Self-Esteem Boost Cards - An Effective Tool to Enhance Positive Self-Talk

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