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Gratitude & Anxious Thinking Workshop

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This workshop is for girls aged 8-16 and focuses on gratitude & tools to manage negative thinking.

  • New Zealand Locations

Service Description

Come and enjoy a fun Girl's time while learning about the effect of Gratitude and tools and strategies to manage anxious or negative thinking. Over 2 hours, participants will enjoy making Gratitude Journals while learning how to calm their brains when overwhelmed and practical tools to reframe negative thinking and manage anxious thoughts. Designed to equip participants with tools to navigate the pre- and teenage years confidently, our workshops are fun and interactive and designed to develop resilience and confidence to manage emotional well-being confidently. Just like we teach academic skills, providing young people with valuable well-being skills that apply to all areas of life is equally important. Racheal Wallis is a Registered Social Worker (NZSWRB) and an experienced facilitator. She has worked with youth in New Zealand, London, and Los Angeles and delivered programmes for 8-25-year-olds in schools and residential and community settings. Here is what our previous participants have said: "It was fun and creative." "I didn't want to leave - it felt like it was only 5 minutes long." What did you learn? "How to think about positive things first and say positive things to myself when I feel sad or angry." "The worksheet made me realise that my thoughts make an impact and changed the way I felt." "To believe and respect myself." "I'm not alone with my problems." "I enjoyed making the journals because it is something I will use, and it was just fun to do." "I liked making the journals because it was fun, and it really helped me explore my creative side."

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