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Empower Her Retreat

Our next workshop will be scheduled soon. Please join our waitlist.

An unforgettable 6-hour retreat for girls, building confident, resilient and empowered girls.

  • 85 New Zealand dollars
  • New Zealand Locations

Service Description

🌸 Empower Her Girls Retreat Day! 🌸 Join us for an unforgettable 6-hour Girls' Retreat Day specially designed to strengthen and build resilience and well-being tools for preteens and teens. We focus on fostering self-esteem, enhancing inner self-talk, friendships, conflict resolution and dealing with negative behaviours. We will explore strategies to move out of negative thought patterns and strengthen self-care to improve overall well-being and emotional regulation. Key Highlights: ✨ Strengthening Self-Esteem: Through engaging activities and discussions, we will empower participants to embrace their uniqueness and strengthen their self-worth. ✨ Inner Self-Talk: Exploring the power of positive self-talk and equipping participants with tools to cultivate a healthy internal dialogue that boosts confidence. ✨Character-Building: We'll explore character-building exercises that instil essential values, helping participants grow in compassion and resilience. ✨ Friendships: Navigate the world of friendships together! Learn about choosing good friends, conflict resolution, and strategies for dealing with negative friendship qualities. ✨Reframing Negative Thinking: We will empower participants with tools to shift negative thoughts and how to challenge negative thought patterns. ✨ Self-Care Journals: Foster a love for self-reflection by creating personalised self-care journals. Explore the importance of self-care and strategies to improve it for enhanced emotional regulation. This is a day filled with inspiration, connection, and self-discovery. Our Girls' Retreat Day promises to be an enjoyable experience that will leave a lasting impact on participants' journeys to becoming confident and empowered young women. Meet Racheal Wallis, a Registered Social Worker (NZSWRB) and experienced facilitator who has worked with young people and families in New Zealand, London, and Los Angeles over the past two decades. Her passion? Crafting transformative programs that inspire and empower young people aged 8-25 to successfully navigate the pre- and teenage years and beyond.

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